Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
I've been one of those annoyingly blissful newlyweds lately. Everything has just fallen together it seems, in every area of life, and we are having an absolute blast being married! Sometimes one of the gazillion wedding pictures that I have in the living room will catch my eye and I get really overwhelmed (in a good way) at the reminder that Steven is now my husband, and that we are married. I didn't 'feel married' right away (well, I did on the honeymoon, but not as much once we got back to normal life), and it stressed me out a bit. And I can't pinpoint when I did start feeling that way, but now the feeling washes over me multiple times a day and it feels so good.

--- 2 ---
Last weekend, since my parents ended up not being able to visit, we decided to spend Sunday at the beach. Sunday is the perfect day to go because the beaches are much less crowded! Win #3,298 for having a Saturday night Mass option! We couldn't decide whether to go to Carolina Beach (our personal favorite) or Kure Beach (way easier parking). We didn't decide until we got there, and the parking won out! We had a wonderful day of swimming, reading, talking, relaxing, and picnicking. The weather was perfect and the company even better!

--- 3 ---
 My husband must really love me because he set down his bag, cooler, umbrella AND chair for this picture I just had to have at the Kure beach pier.

 Our view for the day! We learned an awesome tip for when we have kids.... hang out under the pier and leave the umbrellas/baby tents at home! Those parents were geniuses! 

The hubs taking a load off. And waiting for snack time.

--- 4 ---
I'm a big believer of appreciating the simple things in life. It truly makes life that much more amazing when you are thrilled with the little things. My latest 'simple thing'? I searched high and low for this magnet at Ikea last time I went and thankfully found it. It is SO much better than a knife block (unless you have a ton of knives, but I store the ones I don't use often elsewhere and just put my most used ones here). Why? Because it doesn't take up any counter space. I'm one of those people that wants as few things on the counter as possible.

I was going to apologize for the terrible picture quality, but you never thought I was an artsy-fartsy blogger anyway!

--- 5 ---
My parents are coming to visit this weekend, since they couldn't last. Sadly, Steven's work schedule sucks, but he'll get to see them some. I can't wait for them to see our house put together! They did a TON of work painting, so it's about time they see it moved in and decorated. We are also inheriting their kitchen table and chairs, an edger, and a leaf blower. We don't have a shed yet, so it might look like a landscaping business moved into the future baby's room!
--- 6 ---
On Tuesday, we started the Couch 2 5K program where you start as a couch potato (I won't try to hide it) and end up as someone who can run a 5k. It's a 9 week program with 3 work outs per week, which increase in intensity and amount of jogging/running versus walking. The first 3 workouts are 20 minutes of jogging for one minute and walking for 90 seconds. Here's what I want to know. Why does a day at the beach fly by in what feels like 2 hours and jogging for 60 seconds feels like an eternity? At first I thought Steven was being cruel and unusual with his time keeping, until I realized that couldn't be true because it would mean he had to jog for longer, too. I have no desires to be a runner AT. ALL, but walking 5-6 days a week wasn't cutting it (I was only maintaining) so I figured the C25K would step it up a bit. *Cries*

--- 7 ---
Last, but not least, if you haven't yet checked out 1flesh, do so now! And guess whose story was spotlighted on Tuesday? Shameless, I know!I was super excited because I submitted the story a while ago and had forgotten about it until one of my Cathsorority sisters pointed out that it was posted! Check out my story on 1flesh! I have to admit, I got really excited when iusenfp shared it on their page, and then the Creighton facebook page shared it on their page! Which, by the way, I didn't know existed and immediately 'liked'. I love reading other people's stories and I'm so glad I could share mine! 
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  1. 1 - LOVE it! :)
    3 - So fun! I love the picture of the pier!
    6 - That's awesome that you two are doing that. Running will become more fun when you get in better shape. I used to absolutely hate running at the beginning of every track season when I couldn't breathe and felt like I would die, but once I got back into shape I enjoyed it and remembered why I decided to do another season!
    7- Great post!!

  2. C25K has been trying to tempt me - so far I've managed to respond with "Get thee behind me Satan!." (lol)

  3. Yay couch to 5K! Good luck with the program! I can't wait to hear your progress :)
    I'm glad you had fun at the beach! I can't wait til we go to one once we're married :)
    I also loved your post on 1Flesh! Way to represent us PCOSers!

  4. That knife magnet looks perfect for slaying a robber! :P

  5. 6.) I only run when chased. :) (OK... and when chasing the bear child.) There is actually a podcast of music for the C25K program where they play peppy music for the time when you're supposed to be running.

    1. HAHA I'm with you Jen and only run when chased!

      That knife Magnet looks awesome and SUPER dangerous at the same time!