Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
This is the first time that I haven't started quick takes until Thursday. I'm not sure how you people start and finish on Friday. I generally think of things throughout the week and just add them as I go, but this week has flown by!
--- 2 ---
If you missed it, check out the guest post I wrote about living on half your income over at Sarah's blog. It's something we are working on and I would love your tips, if you have any! She has a whole series going on so make sure to check her blog out often.

--- 3 ---
Work has been a bummer lately. We have a new executive director and so far two changes have been made:  I have been put in charge of our entire Christmas gift program (when usually I am only responsible for delivering to my 33 folks). This is on top of my normal, daily work and the program starts in October and ends the day we leave for Christmas. The other change? They are taking away our week off at Christmas. We get 3 weeks of vacation plus that week off, but starting now I guess, we won't get that week. I know it's more vacation than a lot of people get, but we also work for peanuts so it has always sort of evened that out. I think it may be time for me to see what else is out there.

--- 4 ---
This weekend we are headed to SC on Saturday for a couple's wedding shower. I'm excited for Steven to spend more time with my high school friends since we were a bit preoccupied at our wedding! It'll be nice to just hang out and relax with good friends! I only wish it didn't involve a 4 hour drive each way, especially since we will get back around 1am and Steven has to work at 6:30am!

--- 5 ---
It's probably silly of me to bury this in the middle of my quick takes, but I am looking for some guest posters on the subject of PCOS and pregnancy. I'd really like to spotlight some stories of women who became pregnant with PCOS.... what helped you get pregnant and what helped you sustain the pregnancy? Email me at if you want me to include your story! 

--- 6 ---
Last night we had a double date with Kendra, hubby, baby. Henry is SO.STINKIN.CUTE! We went to the free, outdoor concert at the front of our neighborhood. I gotta say.... I will be super sad after the concert in September because then they are over until next summer!

--- 7 ---
We are almost done with Week 2 of Couch 2 5k. Oh man, 30 extra seconds of running felt like 5 extra minutes! I'm so glad the hubs and I are doing it together. If I was doing it alone, I'm not sure I would have made it through Week 1 Day 1. Seriously. I'm sort of a giver upper like that. And for added motivation, I'm assigning you faithful followers a job. If I don't mention Couch 2 5k in my quick takes on a given week, call me on it! It might mean that we were both weak on the same day and didn't do it that week. In that case, I will need shame to get motivated. If I update on a given week, you'll know we are on track. 

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  1. That's so awesome that your neighborhood has free outdoor concerts! Keep up the running! Have fun in S.C this weekend. :)

  2. Henry is so freakin cute haha. I'm glad he'll be my nephew soon :)
    I can't wait to visit there in a few weeks! It'll be great to finally meet you! That sucks work took away your week at Christmas.. they make us work on Christmas Eve.. how terrible is that!? And I don't get vacation til November. So there's that. Ugh.
    Good luck with your running! I was finally motivated to get out there last night. It only took 2 weeks hah (oh and you know my half marathon is a little over a month away. aaah!)

  3. Couch 2 5k . . . maybe that's what I need, haha. I'm not sure my half-marathon-running hubby would be interested, but the girls and I spend a lot of time on the couch :)
    Your guest post was awesome! Thanks again for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  4. #3 - Man I know what you mean. We are currently undergoing a huge organizational assessment and they are TOTALLY changing my job to do stuff I wasn't really hired to do and i'm not sure I'm going to like it...I'm seriously thinking about going back to school to do something else.

    #7 - I have another friend doing that and she loves it!!