Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review: Table Grace Die

I had the exciting opportunity to review something from Catholic Family Gifts, and I chose the table grace die. First, I have to mention the stellar customer service provided by Catholic Family Gifts. When I didn't receive the dice, they contacted me to double check, and then promptly sent another one out. Now that  is a company I want to do business with!

The dice arrived in a sweet little purple bag. As a lover of all things purple, this was a nice touch. I was very impressed with the size of the dice, which makes all the prayers very easy to read. I would recommend rolling the dice on a soft surface, as it has a bit of weight and size to it. This is a good thing; this means it is perfect for small hands and is sturdy. But it also means that it's very loud if you roll it straight onto a hard topped table! We solved the issue very easily by rolling it on a placement. In a world full of plastic, I love that this is made from wood! It seems like an item that could easily be passed on to your children to use with your grandchildren.

The hubs trying out the dice!

There are SO many reasons why I love this dice. First of all, it introduced us to some new prayers. We already have a new favorite dinner time prayer that we learned from this dice! It's nice to have some new prayers to add into the rotation. We have noticed that if you say the same prayers over and over, you tend to pay less attention to what you're saying. Adding new prayers in from the dice helped us to focus a bit more. Second, this dice is perfect for couples or families who want to begin praying together. Sometimes it can be a bit awkward to start praying out loud with your significant other or children when you aren't in the habit. You can start by adding in prayer before meals and using this table grace dice so no one feels 'on the spot'. And third, though we don't have children yet, we can definitely see how it would help kids to become even more involved in saying grace before meals. It adds an element of fun and lets them take ownership of the prayer.

The only thing I would change about the dice is that I wish the words were etched into the wood instead of printed on it. Having said that, the ink doesn't look like it's going anywhere any time soon, so I don't have any concerns that the prayers will wear off. Also, for the unique prayers that are on this dice, and the fun it adds to saying grace, you really can't beat the price! This is a must have for families, and also is a great item for couples!

I received the table grace die from Catholic Family Gifts at no charge in exchange for a review. However, the opinions above are 100% mine. 

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