Friday, June 8, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
We created the most gigantic headache for ourselves in this house buying process. Not only did I change my name, but we closed my accounts, his accounts, and opened joint ones. Plus we got all kinds of cash gifts. You know what happens when you submit your bank statements to the lender? They want you to account for EVERYTHING. It has been such a hassle going back and forth to the bank for proof of old account balances to show why there were "large deposits" in our current accounts... which weren't large deposits really, they were just us putting our old account money into our new accounts. Then we have to write up statements for all these different cash gifts we received for the wedding. Steven even had to pull up our honeymoon registry in the lender's office! I figured they would want to account for large amounts of money... but really? I need to account for the $50 I transferred into my account from paypal? I know they are just doing their job and we were the ones who complicated things by getting married, changing my name, changing our accounts, and getting cash gifts!

--- 2 ---
On a more positive note, trash and recyclables pick up at our new house free since we live in the town limits. And you know we LOVE FREE. I'm also really excited about them picking up recycling and us not having to go to the park to do it! I can't believe I will be living in a town and not a city. Garner is closer to many parts of Raleigh than the houses we looked at in NE Raleigh were, but I still sometimes turn to Steven and say I can't believe this city girl is moving to a town!

--- 3 ---
We got our wedding dvd this week. It's really our reception dvd, but it feels silly calling it that. The people who did it are new to this area (and I guess is why they were free last minute when our videographer didn't show), and they are very sweet people but... the video leaves a bit to be desired. Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY glad we have it, but they cut our heads off in some parts, had a shaky camera in others or couldn't decide if they wanted to zoom or not, and, pet peeve of all pet peeves, put the "I'm Sexy and I Know It" song as a background song at one point. I turn the radio station when that song comes on because it bothers me that much... and now it's on our dvd! I did give them constructive feedback, so hopefully they'll be better for the next couple who comes along. But again, I'm glad to have SOMEthing from that day in video, though seeing it made me even more sad that we don't have the wedding on video! I love seeing Steven and I interact on the video. It's just not something I ever "see" since I'm living it.

Edited to add: They offered to switch out the song and make new copies for us. Thanks to Katie's suggestion, we'll be putting "Just Dance" in it's spot.
--- 4 ---
I had the biggest baking fail ever this week. I saw this awesome blog about making fruit leather in your oven by dehydrating fruit at a low temperature for 2-4 hours. Well, after 7 hours, it still hadn't turned into 'leather" so I called it a day. It wasn't edible (unless I just sat and licked the pan) so there's 2 lbs of strawberries I can never get back!

--- 5 ---
One of my very closest friends (and bridesmaid extraordinaire), Jessica, started a shop called One Dress. She makes ADORABLE little girls' dresses and, with every one you purchase, she donates one to little girls in Haiti! The fabrics are SO cute and she does custom orders, too! Here are two of my favorites:

--- 6 ---
Did you check out my guest posts this week at Catholic Cookie Jar and Reflections of a Catholic in Formation? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

--- 7 ---
Tomorrow I'm driving to Charlotte for a girls' day with one of my best friends. First stop? Ikea! I'M EXCITED! 
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  1. I loved the video preview you posted on Facebook! I hope you have fun this weekend! I LOVE Ikea!

  2. So happy to have found your blog. I read one of your Quick Takes where you explain where your new house is and we are w/in minutes of each other! Small world. I am going to go back and catch up on the rest of your story. Have fun in Charlotte... love going to Ikea there!

  3. Those dresses are so cute! I'm sorry about your video! I don't know yet if we'll get one, is it worth it?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I just typed up a whole thing but it didn't go through.... short answer- yes, I think it is. I would find a mid range one though and not break the budget with it since pics are the most important, but there is something awesome about being able to watch you and your husband interact. It was also amazing to see ALL the things we didn't notice because we were too overwhelmed!

  4. Ack for all of the house buying craziness! I know how insane it was with us, without name changes and combining accounts. I really, really enjoyed your guest post. And as for the baking fail, humidity is a huge problem when you are making fruit leather. I have to turn my oven on really low, and leave it open while drying it out.

  5. Man I know what you mean (sorta) about the money situation. Last year my boss was going to refinance her mortgage and needed all of this documentation about her income and every account she had. Since she is self-employed it was a MESS. It took me DAYS to get it together.

    I LOVE ikea. 90% of my house is probably from nightstand I have had since college so their stuff is good :)

  6. Cute dresses!

    Buying a house is the worse! I can't imagine doing it right after marriage when everything is so scrambled!

  7. You need to fix Katie's link on #3. :)

    My baking fail this week was toasting pine nuts. I ended up with charcoal and a nasty burning smell in the house.

    It's also not good to close out your bank account when trying to get your kid on Medicaid and SSI as I found out last year. (Speaking of another mess of paperwork...)

    1. Oh yes... I love your header image. You look so pretty!