Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
I've been cooking up a storm lately and LOVING it. I cook most nights, but I go through periods where I just do it because we have a need to eat, and then other times where I thoroughly love the process. I think the fact that the weather is cooling down is really helping me enjoy it! There is nothing like baking with a cool breeze coming in the kitchen window (especially since I haven't had a kitchen window in years!). Last weekend alone I made shrimp alfredo, macaroni and cheese, blueberry waffles, and apple muffins. I was on a roll and it didn't let up through the week. I am guessing as winter approaches I will spend more and more time in the kitchen!

--- 2 ---
The apple muffins were my very own recipe and I posted it here. Steven is a huge fan so I see lots of apple muffins in our future this fall!
--- 3 ---
I've been thinking about making some changes to my blog for a while now. Part of what has taken me slow long is that I have a huge fear of messing it up beyond repair. I'm not tech savvy or blogger savvy in the least, so it has taken a LOT of googling to figure some things out. The only obvious change for right now is that I added "About me" and "PCOS Information" tabs at the top. I have ideas for a few more, but I also don't want the tabs to be too busy. There is a bigger change coming, but I'm not quite ready to unveil it yet!

--- 4 ---
Did you read my review of table grace die that I posted this week? We've had some Cathsorority discussions about the awkwardness of praying together with your family/spouse when you haven't done it much, and this dice really takes the stress out of it!

--- 5 ---
How's about a few crunchy takes? We have drastically lessened our use of paper towels and it has saved us SO much money. We still keep a roll around just in case, but we are using old wash cloths and dish rags for all kinds of things like cleaning/spills/cat throwup incidents. It takes us weeks to go through a roll, where we used to use at least one a week! We also have cloth napkins now, which helps out a lot with our paper towel usage. We bought plain/not fancy off white ones from our registry and LOVE them so far. We actually re-use them for a few meals unless they get really messy from a saucy dish or something. Eventually I want to get off of paper towels all together. I'm looking for some super handy container to put all our old cloths in that can stay on the counter. Maybe I will find something at a yard sale!

--- 6 ---
 I think our next jump into crunchydom is going to be making our own dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent. So if you have some tried and true recipes, will you please share them in the comments? I have googled and found a bunch, but I'd like to know about any that you personally use and love! 
--- 7 ---
I have SO many reasons to be excited about this weekend. First, I go off call- YAY! Second, Steven is off ALL WEEKEND! Third, a bunch of Cathsorority girls and hubbies/fiances are getting together this Saturday evening! Fourth, Steven and I are having a day at the lake with my parents and a family friend on Sunday! This is going to be one fantastic weekend!!!!

#7b: Forgot to write about C25k! Still going strong!

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  1. So excited to meet you! And if you ever need help with your design you can always ask me :)

  2. Good job on your cooking kick, you should send some of that over here! This week was a little hectic for me, and we may have had grilled cheese for dinner 2 nights! Ha!

  3. Looking forward to your new blog design; I've been overwhelmed before, too, with all the choices out there and with how indimidating codes and things can be!

    That grace die is so cool! I wrote this a few weeks ago about praying together:

    Oh, and I definitely share your desire for less paper stuff! I've been in search of the perfect cloth napkins for a while now. Oh, and Dr. Bronner's soap, the kind in the huge bottle covered in weird spiritual writing, makes awesome detergent for just about anything, depending how much you dilute it =)

  4. What was the best thing you read that helped you with the tabs?

  5. Can't wait to see the redesign! I love love love monkeying around with my blog layout!

  6. #4: i am totally getting the table grace die for my church ladies for when we have ladies' night out!!!

  7. I've done my own laundry detergent. I'll see if I can find the recipe.

  8. #2 doesn't count because you already did a whole post about it. Cheat.

    I want to do homemade detergents too once we are out of the stuff we have (we have a sick number of backups). Nicole is slightly skeptical but I'm the one who does dishes and laundry so she's also sort of apathetic. :P I wanted it to be a surprise but I have a little book of homemade cleaning recipes that I'm giving you this weekend, and I'm sure it has that. :)