Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
I know one of the purposes of quick takes is to gain new readership, but that would require not talking about 'personal' things that a new reader wouldn't get when they stop by. So an apology in advance to any new readers who are bored to death by my takes because they don't really get what I'm talking about, but I love using this as a way to update things that I could easily fill up a whole post with, but that my regular readers would rather bleach their eyes than read it in long form.

--- 2 ---
I put my car up for sale this week. It's a bit of an emotional thing, because she is 10 1/2 years old and I've had her since she was 4 miles old. She has been through high school, college, grad school, and now is in the adult world with me. She has gone lots of places with me and, besides recently, has treated me very well. Sooo many memories in that car! But having broken down so much recently and only growing older, my parents graciously offered to sell me my mom's car! I've gotten quite a few bites on Hallie Honda so hopefully she goes for a good price (apparently people love civics!). She had one test drive this week and has another one this afternoon.
I spent an embarrassing amount of time looking for a sentimental picture of my car and this is all I came up with... her first Raleigh snow! I have a cute picture from high school when she was brand new somewhere but I gave up on finding it.

--- 3 ---
We are DONE with the apartment! YAY! Soooo glad to be done going over there to move boxes, clean it, etc. We still have two months on the lease so we just had to pay it out. They said if they fill the unit, they will reimburse us, so you better believe I will be like a P.I. riding past it weekly seeing if they filled it. Since I'm pretty sure they won't tell us if they do. Also? They said my cat smells. First of all, Buttercup smells like a field of flowers! Ahem. Ok the real first of all... she never peed on the carpet, she's not a dog who tracks in smells from outdoor, and her litter box hadn't been there in a week. I smell a scam to charge us for move out costs! Pun intended. They said they will use out non refundable pet fee to deodorize and charge us for anything else they have to do. If they claim they have to do something else, everyone with a cat or dog there is screwed because, if Buttercup stinks, every animal in the world stinks.
The hubs at the apartment. We are happy to be back to one story! 

--- 4 ---
We did our first yard work last weekend. Well, Steven has mowed multiple times, but I hadn't done anything yet. I weeded the front gardens, and the little gardeny thing around the two trees in the front yard. Plus the cracks in the driveway. And attempted to decimate the fire ants that attack Steven every time he mows. I can't wait til we can put some personality in our outdoors like maybe a statue in the garden and some hanging baskets on the porch. Our money is a wee bit tied up in things like, oh I don't know, Lowe's but soon my friends, soon!

--- 5 ---
My mom had the best frugal idea ever. Steven and I like to go to Stimulus Tuesday where the $2 theater has $1.50 soda and $1.50 popcorn. I only grumble slightly that the movie used to cost $1.50 and the Tuesday snacks were $1 a piece. Anyway, they also have a $12 thing where you get two tickets, a large popcorn with refill, and two medium drinks (the Tuesday snacks are smalls, but smaller than the actual 'small' size). We did it once but still ended up spending $2 more than what we would spend on Stimulus Tuesday, and were too full for a refill. So our excitement of getting more drink and popcorn and not being limited to just Tuesdays (if we want snacks with the movie) quickly went away. UNTIL my mom suggested that we get a refill on the way out and have the popcorn at home! So now when we go, about every other time we will do the $12 deal and bring home enough popcorn to fill 2 gallon ziploc bags, which give us snacks for the entire week, which means we are saving a bit in our grocery budget, too! No not the healthiest, but it generally replaces a bag of chips or something else that wasn't super healthy to begin with.

--- 6 ---
Saturday Steven is off of work. Weekend days off together are sort of rare treats, so we are soooo excited! We have worked really hard to not make any plans because, usually when he has a day off with me, we end up planning the day chock full of events. Ok, *I* end up filling the day. I think our only plans are Mass. Other than that, we will lounge around, do some stuff around the house, and maybe I will even make waffles for breakfast! I haven't cooked much in the last month with the craziness of packing and moving, so I'm really excited to get back into it. It feels so good to make and eat home cooked meals.

--- 7 ---
Nfp/Napro update: My cycle has gone haywire. Noooo! Just as we were seeing awesome improvement! I'm sure an entire month of being stressed to the max (both good and bad) with house stuff wasn't helpful at all. Plus we ate terribly this last month since we weren't cooking nearly as much, with things being packed/being at the new house without any of our kitchen items. Ironically (ironic because my cycles got better and better each time), this is actually the worst cycle yet since I started charting, with absolutely no sign of ovulation and I'm on day 36! My doctor is on vacation but I go back the 31st, and I'm assuming we'll re-do what we did before, which is the pre-peak progesterone, until my body figures itself out again and we can attempt doing post peak injections again. We started exercising again, which we got out of the habit of ever since the wedding, so hopefully that will help, too! 

Bonus sneak peak! Here is our master bathroom. I just love our shower curtain! 
You can't see them, but we have brown canvas totes on the counter for our most used 'get ready' items and I just love them! Our matching towels are on the wall that the door is on, and our curtain hooks are to die for cute (thanks Target!). Too bad our guest/hall bathroom isn't nearly as cute, and hardly anyone will see the master! 

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  1. 2- I so get that. I almost got rid of my car 2 years ago. When I finally got it back from the shop I was so happy I cried. Anyways, I'm feeling for you!

    Love your bathroom! :)

  2. Beware of scams. We were once scammed because the curtains in our apartment were wrinkled. WRINKLED! And they had to professionally press them to the tune of $500! By the time they contacted is, we were living 1500 miles away and it was a bit hard to come and see them before they did it. Uggg. Best of luck and I know you cat does indeed smell like flowers!

  3. #1: Generally, I prefer stabbing my eyes out over bleaching them but hey... different strokes for different folks.

    #3: Evil cat haters!!!!

  4. I bet your Civic will go soon. W/ the gas prices so high Civics are in high demand.
    So glad you are totally out of the apartment and into your home! Welcome to town!

  5. It is hard to say goodbye to a good car friend. But how nice to be in your new house and settled. It is a super cute show curtain.

  6. I wish we had a movie theatre around here like that! So fun, and that's an awesome idea to get the popcorn on the way out.

    I love the bathroom sneak peak!!

    I hope you two have enjoyed your weekend together!! :)