Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

House hunting continues to be fun but frustrating. I really hope we find something before our lease is up in October. There are plenty of houses in areas we don't want, but not many houses in areas we do want. We made our first offer and got rejected this week. It was a bank owned home in a neighborhood we otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. We offered asking price and they flat out rejected us; they didn't counter offer or tell us to make our best offer or anything. We are both disappointed, but not as crushed as I thought we might be because we have said, and will continue to say, that if we are supposed to be in a certain house, we will be. If not, it wasn't the one for us.
--- 2 ---

Tonight we are going on a date to see October Baby. We didn't get to see it when they screened it for free, so we are really excited about seeing it on opening weekend. Sort of on the same note, have you ever read Gianna? It's a similar premise (someone who lives through their abortion) but it's a true story. I read it a few years back and it was really good. No, that's not an affiliate link (note to self: learn how to use Amazon affiliate links).

--- 3 ---

Besides the third scrutiny for Steven, we have no plans this weekend. YAY! Seriously.... YAYAYAYAY!!!! I'm sure we will fill it with wedding things that need to be done, but it's nice to know we don't really have anywhere we have to be.

--- 4 ---

Last week I put labels on 150 favor boxes. They came with the boxes; we just had to print them. We went with "Love is sweet". After I spent about 45 minutes putting them on, I went to shower. When I came back, about half of them were already peeling off at the edges or corners. Sigh. So now I bought 150 stickers at Michael's, and have peeled off the 150 labels so I can put those on.

--- 5 ---

I've heard so much about Downton Abbey through Catholic blogs, the Cathsorority group on facebook, and my NFP instructor mentioned it also. I resist anything that I will feel 'addicted' to (I hate loving a show enough that I feel like I NEED to see it when it comes on), but finally gave in Sunday evening when I was working on shower thank yous. I'm watching it on Netflix which is nice, so I can watch it at my leisure. It's pretty good but I've only watched a few episodes so far.  I finished the first season and am now feeling jittery since I've realized there is no season 2 available for Netflix yet. My question is: what is it about DA that so many Catholic women like it? I haven't heard about it in any other circles (out of, you know, my two or so circles). True fact: Until episode 4, I thought it was called DowntoWn Abbey.

--- 6 ---

I was decorating table numbers for the reception and, in true Stacy style, began backwards (just like I read a magazine). 13-24 are looking very pretty, if I may say so myself. Michael's has the perfect confetti in the shape of flowers and I got purple, green, and ivory. Anyway, I opened the 1-12 pack and found a pretty major flaw.... two 6's and no 11. I can just imagine the wait staff saying "The veggie plate goes to table 6.... no the second table 6!" So back to Michael's for a correct pack.

--- 7 ---

As I finish my quick takes tonight (Thurs.), Steven is out with friends for his bachelor party. I'm excited to hear what the plans were because I know it doesn't involve anything shady so now my mind is making up all these scenarios.... a movie? mini golf? bowling? an eating fest? What could it be? I've decided to throw budget caution to the wind and pick up Chickfila for dinner because why should the boys have all the fun?

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  1. so's NOT downtoWn abbey?
    i haven't started watching the show but everyone is talking about it.
    i really want to see october baby. you must share how it is!

  2. I TOTALLY called it DowntoWn Abbey in front a client a couple months ago, and a co-worker corrected me. I've been putting off watching it too, for fear of having another show on my list of must-sees, but I think I might take it up this summer.

  3. I still call it Downtown Abbey!

    Yay for all the wedding stuff coming together! :) Hope the two sixes thing is the last of your worries before the big day!

  4. I have been wondering the same things about DA and have yet to check it out... maybe I will this weekend.

  5. #7: Jon's bachelor party with his classmates was them kidnapping him and taking him over to one of their apartments for pizza and basketball. He came home wearing a lei. They couldn't find any squeaky hammers which was tragic because they wanted to get him "hammered" and "lei-ed". Meanwhile, I was hanging with the wives and watching chick flicks.

  6. The best man from our wedding brought a stripper to my husband's bachelor party. And by stripper, I mean a spray can of that stuff you use to strip paint with. It w pretty funny :)

  7. I need to put Gianna on my to be read list. (And as for Amazon affiliate links, Amazon affiliates will not work with people in NC because their is an additional tax on affiliate links in NC and a handful of other states. They cancelled my account when I moved from Indiana and changed my address.)

  8. I love hearing about wedding stuff! I can't wait to see your pictures after the big day! :) Also, good luck with your house hunt. I'm sure you'll find the perfect one for you!

  9. That is a really good question about Downton Abbey! I love it because it's interesting, the characters are engaging, I enjoy the romance, but I don't have to worry about getting into a "near occasion of sin" situation watching it. The other dramas we've gotten engrossed with have had tons of intimate scenes in them, and I really get tired of that.