Friday, March 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

I learned a valuable lesson about hot glue this week when decorating the candles for our reception centerpieces. Oh, did I tell you they passed the burn test? I burned one for almost 8 hours and the embellishment didn't end up in flames, so that's good. But back to my valuable lesson. When you are hot gluing something, and you scald your fingers with the glue, don't peel it off!!!! If you do, you will continue to re-burn the tips of your fingers. Just leave it on there and let it build up in layers. Soon, you can hold your fingers onto the tip of the glue gun and not be phased (but don't try that at home).

--- 2 ---

So my day of coordinator sent us a packet to get started on before our meeting on Tuesday. It is 60 pages long. That was one of 5 attachments. Isn't she supposed to make this process LESS stressful? I am so glad we signed when we did. She is now charging double what we paid, and for less services now. I guess she got popular over the last year. Or got smart. We knew we were getting a steal when we signed with her. For us, she stores and sets everything up for free. For new people, they pay double and those services are extra on top of that. Anyways, for those of you who saw my facebook freak out upon opening said attachment, thank you for the kind words. I may or may not have cried a little (it was actually due to confusion about what  was or was not in our contract now that her policies have changed) but I'm better.. at least until Tuesday.
--- 3 ---

We looked at two houses this week. The first one was the perfect house in a very not perfect neighborhood. The second one was the perfect neighborhood but a very not perfect house. We decided to wait until after the wedding. I really don't need another thing on my plate- especially one that has good and bad stress! We will dive in head first after the wedding to see if it's even a reality. So far, we seem to be drawn to older homes (bigger rooms but cheaper prices), but the loan we want only covers homes built 1978 and newer. Grrr! Letting it go for now...

--- 4 ---

There is some really strange drama going on at work. I can't really talk about it here since I opt to keep my blog public. But let's just say that when there are about 10 people in the office (a couple more employees but they work from home or completely in the community) it makes for really weird office tension. And it's one of those things where everyone knows what's going on but no one is allowed to talk about it. I worked from home one day this week and it was blissful. Depending on how the next few weeks go, I might be doing more of that!

--- 5 ---
NFP/PCOS update: I think I'm on day 40 something of this cycle. My Creighton doc wants me to be able to identify my peak day better by the next time I see him (the Monday before the wedding... ahhhh!) but I'm not sure how much of an opportunity I will have for that! I identified my last one really well when it actually happened, but I guess he wants me to have identified a few before he orders labs that are dependent on me pinpointing my peak day. I also have a post coming up on possibly going on Metformin (which he suggested will probably be his next move when I see him again). The reason it's taken so long is because I wrote it, thought about it, processed it with Steven, and then changed my mind. So now I have to rewrite it lol.

--- 6 ---

Even though we try to eat mostly non-processed or barely processed, we are still human. There are those nights that we want something quick, delicious, and aren't in the mood for pizza pockets (my go to, pre-homemade, freezer item). So what do I grab on those nights? Feast your eyes on this:
Trader Joe's Handsome Cut Potato Fries- All I can say is OH EM GEEZERS. Seriously delicious. Back in the day we ate Ore-Ida fast food fries. While the nutrition facts weren't so bad, it had a laundry list of ingredients. These fries have 4 ingredients, which makes my heart happy.
Tyson 100% All Natural Chicken Nuggets- these are one of my guiltiest pleasures. They only have three ingredients!!!... in the chicken part. The "breading" has more than triple that lol. We only buy three items from the 'regular' grocery store, and this is one of them. We wait for them to go on sale, and usually Steven will get a coupon for them, but I'll admit that I start to get the shakes when they aren't in our freezer for more than a few weeks.
Trader Joe's All Natural Barbecue Sauce- YUM! No really.... YUM!!! I don't eat barbecue stuff. I don't eat stuff with the slightest bit of spice. This is slightly spicy barbecue sauce. It is FANTASTIC. We also use it on grilled chicken.
(And we pair the meal with an apple. It's perfect.)

--- 7 ---
This weekend is a busy one. We have Steven's Rite of Sending and Rite of Election, one in Raleigh Sunday morning and the other in Chapel Hill Sunday afternoon. He doesn't have to do as much as the Catechumens, but we do have to stand up at the front for the Rite of Sending. I think they just speak to him at the Rite of Election. I really love seeing this process because I don't think I ever would have seen these two rites if not for him going through RCIA. He is going to come into the church and get married within a week of each other. Talk about a lot of life changes in a short amount of time! :) Three sacraments in seven days... BOOYAH. We also have fun Saturday plans including a wedding errand, free pretzel afternoon at the mall, mass (because sponsors have to leave with candidates now after the homily on Sundays), a couponed dinner out at one of my fave places, Cafe Carolina, and seeing Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close at the $2 theater. EXCITED for a fun weekend!

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  1. 1- Smart lady. That's a good tip!
    3- House hunting. Good luck! We just bought out house about a year ago so if you need any help (or just venting) the memories are still pretty fresh. :)
    7-I heard Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is fantastic. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. I'm doing the same thing (getting married and converting within a week... well I guess in my case it's 8 days because I'm converting after)! I can't wait til I can actually participate in all of these things. This year it's been hard since I went to all the classes but have to wait until next year.

  3. 3.) Good move. Less stress = good!

    6.) Trader Joe's = teh awesome. I put together a pasta salad with three ingredients from them that everyone loved.

  4. Sometimes you just gotta have the go to food. Enjoy every bite!

  5. 2 - omg 60 pages i can't imagine! I mean it's only 1 day?

    4 - ugh I know the feeling. Add 3 of the people being related to each other and the drama multiplies!

    6 - YUM Have you tried the TYSON Chicken Patties? Those are good too and they always go on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

    7 - If Steven gets sick he can receive 4 sacraments in a week ;) not that I'd wish that upon him but load up on the grace!