Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

I lied about starting my "A Day in the Life" series this week. I'm going to post mine on Monday, followed by the first guest post the following Sunday. I'm excited to read them!

--- 2 ---

I go on call tonight. I really, really dislike being on call. It doesn't consist of going anywhere, which is good, but just knowing that I'm attached to the phone from 5pm to 8:30am makes me anxious. I also really don't like it while I'm in church because I absolutely HAVE to answer it which means I have to see it ring, but putting it on vibrate goes against everything that feels right. I end up leaving it on top of my purse and staring at it every 3.28 seconds. Usually we go on call once every 9 or so weeks. Recently, I got lucky and didn't go on for 4 months. This time, not so much because I was just on call three weeks ago! I'm not complaining though because I think I was put on this week so I wouldn't have to worry about it during last minute wedding planning, showers, etc. I don't go on again until the last week of April/first week of May which will be nice. Steven pointed out that the next time I'm on call (after this coming week), I'll be married!

--- 3 ---
I really need to get my hair trimmed more often. I went Wednesday and the last time I had been was July. I swear it didn't feel that long. My hair gets split ends pretty badly, so waiting that long means tons of tangles for me every single day. I just got an inch cut off since I don't want to do anything to it until after the wedding, but an inch makes a difference! I love $9.99 haircuts. I don't think I'd trust a cheapie place for a 'real' haircut, but I do for a trim.

--- 4 ---

What's your guilty tv pleasure? Come on, tell me! We all have one. I feel the need to confess that mine is Teen Mom (and Teen Mom 2). I can't explain why and frankly, if I could, it might only make it worse lol. But I don't keep up with ANY shows... except Teen Mom.

--- 5 ---

I have anxiety about mingling with our guests at the reception. First of all, I'm a bit socially awkward, so mingling with people who aren't my really, really good friends or my family won't come naturally. I was even thinking this morning in the shower about mingling with coworkers and my heart started racing. I keep my work relationships as work centered as I can (it's a small office and for reasons I won't discuss here it's been a smart decision), so it will be weird to mingle with them about something so not work related. Time won't be on our side, so at least I won't have to mingle at each table very long.

--- 6 ---

Last night was the 2nd part of my knitting class. I spent 30 minutes that morning talking myself out of going. "There are tutorials online. Jessica will help. You can relax at home!". Then I had to get mean. "You quit everything. Don't you want to finish just one thing? Stop being lazy." Yes, it's true. I have a life long history of quitting hobbies. I don't know what it is... maybe I get bored easily? The only two things I ever stuck with for a considerable amount of time was chorus (3 years) and piano (maybe 4 years)... but both of which I eventually ditched. Everything else I tried (tap, baton, gymnastics, brownies, academic clubs, etc) I quit within a year. So I decided that even though I was totally not in the mood for the class, I was going regardless. I quit quitting.

--- 7 ---

Engagiversary flowers from last week! There is nothing like having fresh flowers on the table. I am SO ready for Trader Joe's to bring back their $1.99 daffodil bunches. I break frugal rules and get a bunch at least every other week. 

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  1. I love Millionaire Matchmaker and any competition show on food network. :)

    Beautiful flowers!

  2. 7 - I don't consider myself girly, but I love flowers, too

    6 - I have a different version of that SAME conversation with myself ALL THE TIME.

    5 - At the end of the day, it's just a big party - and it's YOUR party. It's the one day in your life when everyone you love can come together and celebrate. Stop being anxious. If your wedding is a celebration of you, then it's also a celebration of your awesomeness, your awkwardness, and your happiness. Have a few glasses of (low-carb, organic) wine & get silly, 'cause it's the one time NOBODY will say ANYTHING except about how beautiful & happy you look.

    4 - Sy Fy's Warehouse 13, and anything that involves crime-solving (Psych, 10-yr-old Law&Order episodes on Netflix, Bones) - I love all of it!

  3. Hmmm...there are several shows David and I watch in the evenings, but nothing to be "guilty" about... I do like America's Next Top Model marathons though!

    Those flowers are just lovely!

    I was a little nervous about mingling with guests from David's side that I didn't know, but honestly, there just wasn't even enough time for me to meet everyone. I tend to get really anxious and not enjoy parties for me (showers, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, etc.) very much because I don't want to leave anyone out and I want to be a proper hostess and talk to each one individually and not spend time with some people over others. But I was caught up in the wedding and all my nerves just went out the window. Don't worry, you aren't alone in you anxiety but it probably won't even occur to you on the big day!

  4. I had the opposite issue. 2 years ago a girl I worked with got married and I was DREADING going to that wedding bc literally the only ppl I would know were the people from work who I barely talk to except at lunch about boring things.

    OMG I have WAY too many guilty pleasures. I watch basically EVERY show on ABC Family: Switched at Birth, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Melissa & Joey, Make it or Break It, yeah that is already too many haha. Then I also love Cake Boss and a lot of the lame TLC shows everyone hates. I really have a TV problem. It's rather sad I actually have a spreadsheet to keep track of what show is on when (mainly bc I don't have a DVR and have to watch most stuff online).

    I did start watching Teen Mom but it got really trashy and I couldn't take it anymore :(

  5. The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Definitely an addiction, and DEFINITELY guilty/shameful.

  6. 4.) The embarrassing ones: "Judge Judy" to make me feel better about myself and "Swift Justice" with the judge that put O.J. Simpson away. Otherwise, it's stuff like "Hart of Dixie", "2 Broke Girls" (though not lately), anything forensic, and COPS.

    5.) Just smile pretty and thank them for coming.

  7. Hello Stacy,

    My guilty TV pleasures are "Mayday" (about plane crashes) on Discovery and "Billy the Exterminator" on TLC (he's very entertaining!). God bless you!